Seattle to Boise

April 1, 2016

Got out of Seattle by 10 am! Beautiful day in Seattle today. Temperature was at sixty degrees by the time we left. Today we are headed to Boise. It’s about 400 miles from Seattle. The plan is to eat lunch somewhere along the way. Maybe somewhere with a nice view. We have enough magazines to kill someone, a book on “tape” and killer views. We still have radio service so I’m obviously hitting the notes to Selena Gomez “Hands to Myself.”

115 miles: Just stopped for lunch in beautiful Umatilla, Oregon. This is where my grandpa is from. You know, where his dad worked in the mines. He came home one day and “swelled up and died.” That’s Papi’s version of the story. He was two years old and Grandma Tucker packed up their stuff and moved to Spokane, WA.

Made it to Boise around 8 pm mountain time. Immediately went to Boise Fry Company for burgers and fries. Kirk got regular fries and I got sweet potato fries. After that we walked around downtown. We decided Boise is like a smaller, nicer Spokane. The college keeps it lively but it is still safe for families. Its pretty cool there’s a state capitol, college, and nightlife here. Not such a bad place, we’ll have to come back and explore their food scene more!

April 2016

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