Grand Canyon


We planned to set up camp at Mather Campground then walk to the Grand Canyon to see the sunset. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time. We watched the sun set on the Grand Canyon while we were driving to our campsite. However, it was enjoyable to just look at something and not feel pressure to capture it.

Since we didn’t see the sun set, we planned on getting up early to watch it rise. I got up earlier than my alarm and we decided to get a head start. This was a good idea because we got there right before the sun rose. My favorite part was when a child yelled, “look! The sun! It’s coming!” As if it doesn’t do that everyday. My first impression is shock, and then awe. It really is a grand, impressive landmark. Watching the sun rise at the Grand Canyon is something everyone should do. It is very much a bucket list item and something I don’t think we’ll ever forget.


April 2016

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